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No lack…..


Really contemplating this morning how the Bible says, “There is NO LACK in Him.” Can I really even understand what that means? There is nothing Jesus needs to work on, nothing about Him I just have to deal with, nothing he needs from me, nothing…..He is perfect in every facet, every way, in everything. This changes everything. We are so used to being in relationship with our own- people who experience lack in many ways. We were deliberately created to need each other, to need Him. But he doesn’t NEED us, He DESIRES our relationship. He is LOVE and His only agenda is to pour that love out, always. I can’t relate to Him, the same way I relate to you- because we always need something from each other. We love, but we also need. He has no need. Sorry, I am rambling, seriously JUST NOW tossing this truth around- any thoughts? What does this mean, or change for you?