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All about our Anchor

Ahhh…..I love the Word of God! I am so blessed how His word is alive! I went into my email to find something I will be sharing with you all shortly and the Lord brought  me back to an email I wrote almost exactly a year ago. In His perfect timing, He has brought this very thing up in the forefront of my thoughts again, however I had no recollection of writing this email. This is living water! I pray you drink deep and find hope. I did/am.
I wanted to share with you a scripture that I have been meditating upon and researching for greater wisdom! You know the Lord speaks to me about my life in reference to a ship, and the other day He began to highlight to me that a ship always needs an anchor. He is our anchor, and though the storms may rage, He will KEEP us anchored to Him….
Before I share the scripture, I wanted to share a little of what I have recently learned about anchors. Anchors were originally ROCKS!!!!! He is our Rock and our salvation! Hallelujah! Anchors have a “crown” Praise KING Jesus!
Anchors that are not strong enough to hold, will be ripped up and the boat will sink in the storm. He is our ever-present help in time of need! He will never leave us nor forsake us! When we are slipping we cry out and He reaches out and pulls us up. If God is our anchor, we can NEVER sink! Hallelujah!
Also, the word “HOPE” can mean a cord, or rope, attached to the Lord. A dear friend of mine helped me to envision this as an umbilical cord from Heaven to “this piece of Earth” ( meaning my life, your life) feeding me my daily nutrients vital for sustaining life in Christ, and I can also envision this as an anchor which is so totally wrapped in Christ, who is my ROCK, that it could never be pulled out or up. There is such thing as “temporary” anchors, and “permanent” anchors. May I just encourage us  that we most definitely have a PERMANENT ANCHOR! Hallelujah!
Here is the scripture in a few versions! May the Lord bless you and keep you! I am praying for you! Your ship will not wander to and fro for you are securely anchored by the Rock, King Jesus!!!!!!!!!!

Hebrews 6:19

Amplified Bible (AMP)

19[Now] we have this [hope] as a sure and steadfast anchor of the soul [it cannot slip and it cannot break down under whoever steps out upon it–a hope] that reaches farther and enters into [the very certainty of the Presence] within the veil,

Hebrews 6:19

The Message (MSG)
  18-20We who have run for our very lives to God have every reason to grab the promised hope with both hands and never let go. It’s an unbreakable spiritual lifeline, reaching past all appearances right to the very presence of God where Jesus, running on ahead of us, has taken up his permanent post as high priest for us, in the order of Melchizedek.

Hebrews 6:19

J.B. Phillips New Testament (PHILLIPS)
 16-20 Among men it is customary to swear by something greater than themselves. And if a statement is confirmed by an oath, that is the end of all quibbling. So in this matter, God, wishing to show beyond doubt that his plan was unchangeable, confirmed it with an oath. So that by two utterly immutable things, the word of God and the oath of God, who cannot lie, we who are refugees from this dying world might have a source of strength, and might grasp the hope that he holds out to us. This hope we hold as the utterly reliable anchor for our souls, fixed in the very certainty of God himself in Heaven, where Jesus has already entered on our behalf, having become, as we have seen, “High Priest for ever after the order of Melchizedek”.

Daughter-I love you!


I drew a crown and wrote Princess inside. Then beneath that I began to write the names of the next generation of God’s Daughter’s rising up and encircled them in a big heart, I believe it is symbolic of His heart. I then began to journal a prayer:

Lord, I thank You for this next generation of Your daughters rising up. I pray a special hedge of protection over their eyes, their minds, their bodies. I pray for supernatural dreams to be given to them by You- where they can understand Your great love, Your unfailing love that protects us, builds us up, defines us. Lord, I pray that they would know so deeply who they are in You that any contrary method or message would be immediately discerned and dismissed. I pray that You are shaping and molding a husband for them who loves You and who can love, value, and rejoice in a wife with a great call and annointing. Bless them with Your perspective. Bless them with Your wisdom to process their experiences. Whatever they may already be attaching to that is not Your best for them, I pray You break that agreement in Jesus’ name. Hold them close, be constantly whispering Your truth into their atmosphere. Give their parents wisdom of how to convey Your love, Your acceptance, Your joy over them, and how joyful and fulfilling Your will is. Bless them now with a revelation of your grace. Be preparing them for ministry and advancing Your Kingdom by giving them a supernatural hunger and love for You and Your Word. Set them free. Keep them. Protect them. Send Your angels to have charge over them. Lord, I rejoice in each life You have created and for the plans and purposes You created them for. I agree with You for their destiny, anointing, and purpose. Open doors Lord that will lead them in Your way. Lock doors which will lead them astray. Teach their parents and grandparents how to pray and agree with You- to rejoice with You over them. Teach them how to speak their destiny in You into existence. Teach them how to love these princesses with Your love. Lord, guard their hearts until it’s time. Let them see themselves how You see them. Bless them Lord. I trust You with their futures. I love You Jesus and I ask all of this in Your name! Amen!

Ladies, I am simply sharing with you what poured out of my spirit and onto the pages of my journal for You, Your daughters, Your granddaughters, sisters, nieces, cousins, and friends, any daughter of God.

The Lord gave me this acronym today and I pray it blesses you!


He also is beginning to unlock the mystery of His great love for us. He is showing me how everything about Him is constant, unchanging, and that includes His love. His love is constant. His love is constantly in full measure. It is eternal. It is unfailing. It endures forever. It will never grow or diminish. Nothing we can do can ever ever ever separate us from His love. He is LOVE and He will never leave us nor forsake us. He will never reject us. We are eternally accepted! There is no fear in His love. Nothing we can do could make Him love us more. His love is in FULL MEASURE always, every second, not dependent on our actions one way or another.

I am being blown away by this truth because I have lived my entire Christian life trying to maintain His love, to keep it, to make sure I did enough loving others, praying, fasting, ministering, worshipping to keep Him in love with me. But now that I am understanding how He loves me consistently, constantly, not dependent on anything I do or do not do, I am set free. I am free to rest in Him.I am free to fully trust Him. I am free to believe Him. I am free to enjoy Him as a real daughter of God. One who is fully loved and accepted without condition. I have no need to fear rejection with Him.

This is brand new to me, and already I am experiencing shifts in my life I have been trying to make happen without success only frustration.These shifts I have so desired are now happening simply within the flow of His love. I can tell this fresh revelation is transforming me by renewing my mind. I am so excited to walk in the fullness of His love for me, and exemplify this to the ones coming up so this is where they can start! This is what they see, and know from the beginning! Isn’t that a wonderful thought??? No more striving, performing, working like crazy for the generations to come! Simply being His daughter and resting in Him and walking in step with the Spirit. YES! YES! Yes Lord!

Oh! How you love me! How I love You Lord!