Leadership that Protects


📖My littlest boy and I were enjoying reading out of Luke 7:9-10, about Jesus being amazed by the Faith of the Centurion.

❔We discussed how the man understood authority and I asked him if he understood what authority means?

🤷He asked, “To control?”

🤩I thought that was a great start!

👉🏻So we discussed who has authority over him, and if he feels controlled?

❤️‍🔥He replied, “I feel protected.”

🙌🏻So as a working definition for authority, we came to the conclusion that we could understand- Leadership that protects.

🤯I have to tell you, if I could have known even a decade ago, what RJ already realized at 8 years old, I could have enjoyed submitting to leadership and authority instead of being suspicious of it.

❤️‍🩹Maybe like me, you’ve had people in authority abuse their place, and through that- abused your heart, leaving you wounded.

🐑Our Good Shepherd, Jesus, He is a gentle, loving, kind, and protective leader. We can trust Him to lead us not into temptation, to deliver us from evil, and to lead us into all truth, which is the divine catalyst for our freedom.

🤲🏻Let’s invite Him today to heal our wounds from authority that’s been abused so we can enjoy the relief of submitting to His pure and wonderful leadership in our lives.

🙏🏻Lord Jesus, thank You for being a perfect leader who is gentle and kind and always looking out for my best. Help me to forgive and release every leader who has abused my heart and their position. Forgive them Lord. Heal and teach them. I invite You into those wounds in my heart and ask for You to heal them so I can grow in trusting You, so I can choose to follow You more and more. I want to. I want to be in Your will. I want to share Your love- but I need the relief of submission to come. I know that with You this is possible! I love You Jesus! It’s in Your Holy name I pray, Amen!


About layeredhearts

I am just a woman who would be nothing without my Jesus. He rescued me, and continues to deliver me. He renews my mind daily through His written Word, His spoken Word, and the Body of Christ. I have found freedom, joy, liberty, and strength in Him. In Him, and through Him, I fully believe that ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE. I have surrendered my need to understand and have entered into a place of complete trust. I am a woman who chooses daily to say, "Yes, Lord, I will follow."

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