Deep to Deep


Deep to Deep

I worship You, I love You,

I choose to put none above You,

You are the One, my soul’s made for,

Your presence is, the opened door.

So I come in closer, fall into Your grace,

Leaning upon You,

Taking in Your beautiful face.

I remember now, in Your glory,

The fullness of our story,

How You died and rose again,

To be the way for me.

Everything that came between,

You paved the way through,

Unlocking every door,

Drying every ocean floor,

Now nothing stands between,

You and me.

This all seems far too great,

To be true, but I’m here with You,

Your love encompasses my soul,

My experience confounds what I think I know,

We reach where I’ve stopped before, but You say, “Keep going, there’s more.”

A key unlocks a door I didn’t see,

And hidden treasure is found-

Wow! So much beauty!

I never knew what could be

When courage opens up the deep.

My deep cries,

My deep needs,

My deep knows,

My deep sees

Deep is a way to discover,

Deep is a way to recover,

Deep is a way to undo,

Deep is the way to the truest truth.

Your deep floods,

Your depths heal,

Your deep connects,

To my deepest real.

The dark depths were lonely,

Until You unlocked them for me,

My deep called to Yours,

Now everywhere there’s opened doors.

Doors that have never been unlocked,

Doors I was afraid to walk through,

But now as I journey beyond,

What I find is more of You!

In the depths, are the deeper

Connection and identity to the keeper,

Jesus Christ is in all of me,

And in all of Him, I’m invited to be.

To be loved in the whole,

To be known and to know,

There’s no place He won’t be,

Because I’m in Him and He’s in me.

So no part needs to stay locked,

No part needs to be managed,

Every part get to be set free,

I’m at an eternal advantage.

Because before time, I’ve been loved,

From the beginning, I’ve been seen,

Forever and ever, I’m fully known,

His perfection has always been in me!

So I’ll keep letting His hand,

Excavate the hidden treasure,

I’ll keep agreeing with,

The way He measures.

He measures by His righteousness,

He measures by His grace,

He measures by His love,

I choose to believe His word over me now by faith

Loved. Cherished. Wanted. Seen.

Righteous. Perfect. Forgiven. Free.

That’s who I am because,

I’m in Him and He’s in me,

From deep to deep.

About layeredhearts

I am just a woman who would be nothing without my Jesus. He rescued me, and continues to deliver me. He renews my mind daily through His written Word, His spoken Word, and the Body of Christ. I have found freedom, joy, liberty, and strength in Him. In Him, and through Him, I fully believe that ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE. I have surrendered my need to understand and have entered into a place of complete trust. I am a woman who chooses daily to say, "Yes, Lord, I will follow."

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