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Lessons from my boys


One of the most beautiful aspects of being a mom is how the Lord uses these lives to dramatically alter yours. There is something so sweet in caring for a child when you realize God is caring for you similarly. The Lord never ceases to amaze me every single day, how He chooses to use my children to teach me. I’ve been reflecting recently about all that my children have used by God to reveal to me, and I had this knowing that I had to share. May these small, but big lessons bless you the way I have been blessed by them.

When I was pregnant with my first son, the pregnancy was delightful. I began learning about the joy of expectancy. All I could do was delight in wondering how incredible it would be to actually look into the eyes of my son and get to speak life into his spirit and enjoy the moments of our days together. I could not stop imagining his giggle, his purposes, his life and thanking God for getting the honor of being a part of it all.

In life, we sometimes get to experience the joy of expectancy. There are things coming that we are looking forward to and they help us to keep going. They help us remember why we do this life thing everyday. They help us pull through the muck when it feels like it would be easier to just stay stuck for a while. Having aspects to life which we are joyfully expecting is a gift- a good gift- from our Father to encourage us to stay the course and run with endurance. What are you joyfully expecting? (If you feel like there is nothing, ask God to open something up for you- a dream, hope, or passion that will get you going again! He has plans and purposes for you!)

When I was pregnant with my younger son, the pregnancy was downright hard and painful. I began to understand that while what I am expecting, waiting upon, and excited for is wonderful- sometimes the season of expectancy can be very painful. The pain of the waiting can often times be the very preparation we will need to be able to handle what we are awaiting, once we get it. During this pregnancy I learned to rest in God’s power and timing, I learned to trust and worship in the waiting. And now, juggling two children, I am growing in understanding the importance of all of those lessons- for I would not be able to raise these little boys into men who will love Jesus in my own strength and power- but truly by resting in God’s power and timing. We all have times of waiting that is painful- but I am learning to believe and recognize this- almost every single beautiful and valuable gift I have ever been given in life, has come wrapped in some sort of pain and/or suffering. Now I am asking the Lord to give me eyes to see the gift while it is still painful.

One of the most profound truths I have ever learned, came as a result of becoming a mother. I was so moved by how deeply I loved my sweet boy- how much I wanted to meet all of his needs, and give him everything I could possibly think he would want. As these feelings and desires of a mother’s heart were becoming a deeply rooted part of my identity, the Lord began to ask me some questions.
“Jenna, what did he do to earn that kind of love from you?”
To which I replied, “Nothing, he hasn’t been able to DO anything for me. I just love him because he is mine.”
“Jenna, why would you want to give him good gifts?”
“Simply because of my deep love for him.”
Then He began to minister to my heart.
“Daughter, you do not have to do anything to earn my love. You see how much you love him, imagine, just imagine now, how much I love you- simply because you are Mine. You do not have to do anything to get my love or even to deserve the good gifts I give you. You are Mine and I love you.”

This truth changed everything for me! Never before could I have understood the heart of a parent. The deep desire to bless your children out of this overwhelming love for them. This desire doesn’t seem to change with circumstances- it remains, and even grows when circumstances are harder. Loving my children has helped me receive the Father’s love for me personally.

And recently with my little one, who is fully dependent upon me for everything he needs to stay alive, I am constantly reminded of how dependent I am upon the Lord for everything I need to stay alive. Before my son has a need, I am doing the work to prepare what he will need. As I do this work for him, the Lord reminds me that also, there are things I am going to need and He is preparing it all for me now, even before I know I need it. When I see that something will hurt my child, I go before him to remove what could harm him, or I put an appropriate form of protection on him, so that even though the threat is still there, it won’t be able to touch him. As I take these steps to protect him, the Lord says to me- I am removing what has been meant to harm you- and the ones you have to face, I am giving you everything you need to face them without being destroyed.

If I am an imperfect woman who is capable of great love, imagine how much bigger the love from a PERFECT GOD is.

I encourage you today- consider what it is like to be a child. Consider how children truly expect that they will have their needs and desires fully met. Consider how children have no problem being honest about what they see and experience and how it makes them feel. Consider with me, how children have no problem asking for exactly what they want.

Out of that place, let’s go to God simply as His child. Let’s take off all the big-fat adult worry and climb into His lap. Let’s ask for what we need, and for what we want. Let’s find out where the provision which we believe has been prepared, has been placed. Let’s find out which way to go and where the protection is. Let’s see with new eyes what we can joyfully expect and embrace the waiting as a gift of perfect preparation.

You are fully loved- just because you are His child. You do not have to do or be anything but you- to have this love. He who created you, loves you fully. Choose to receive that love today!

Time to Remember


I had some pretty rough battles emotionally over this past week. Up and down and down further. Fight to get back up just to be knocked sideways. NO BUENO! Hard! Frustrating…..

But Jesus!

I intentionally got away with the Father and said, ” WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME????”
And I waited patiently, worshipping Him and thanking Him for who He is and all that He has been in my life- and all that I have experienced Him being in other’s lives.

I remembered!

I remembered the miracles I have witnessed.
-Children being healed from defects that were medically proven were once there.
-Marriages being resurrected from the dead.
-Wounded being healed.
-Lost being found.
-Utter Chaos transforming into peace and order.

The Lord is FAITHFUL! He is POWERFUL! He is indeed the ONE TRUE KING!

It is good to remember who lives in Me. Who I live in. To know where I am, where I stand, and what that means. This God! This God fully lives in me! With Him I can overcome any obstacle. With Him I can climb any mountain! With Him I can walk through the fire and be purified. With Him, I can…………………………do all things!

The beautiful thing about taking time to remember is your perspective changes. I went from me, me, me… JESUS, JESUS, JESUS. Things always look different through the filter of my Jesus. Having His perspective on things changes EVERYTHING!

He began to minister to me what was really hurting me. The root of my aching heart was simply the effects of major life changes. Although, this season in my life is a gift and such an incredibly precious one, I have real loss of a life I once lived.

IT IS OK TO GRIEVE WHAT YOU HAVE LOST, on the way to where you are going. Every major life change includes a loss of some sort. Grieving the loss of what once was, does not negate the beauty of the present.

This brought me so much freedom- to bring into the light the root of the pain, and lay it at the Lord’s feet. I could then begin to process and really celebrate what has led me to this point. I could celebrate how all of what I have done until now has truly prepared me to handle the gifts I have been entrusted with right now. Through this process, I was able to begin celebrating my current season even more!

How good is our God!

So, can I urge you? I want to urge you to take time to remember! Who has He been to you? What have you seen with your own eyes that would be unexplainable except the hand of God? What has He brought you through? Remember! Remember His sacrifice, His faithfulness, His beauty. And then, with that perspective, ask Him to show you what the root of that thing is that has been stealing your joy- bringing you down- or making it all seem hopeless. Ask Him to show you what He plans to do about it- and then celebrate with Him ahead of time for that breakthrough. He is faithful! He is just! He is always good and you are always loved!